Sip in Style: Trendy Summer Juice Blends to Try this Year

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Frozen Fun

Utilize frozen fruits like berries or grapes for an icy texture and additional cooling power.

Ginger Zest

Add a touch of ginger for a subtle spice and potential anti-inflammatory benefits.

Low-Sugar Sweetness

Opt for naturally sweet fruits or a squeeze of lime or lemon instead of added sugars

Portion Perfection

Limit yourself to a 16-ounce glass to avoid exceeding your sugar intake, even with natural fruits.

Fresh is Best

Whenever possible, use fresh produce for the most nutrients and flavor. Frozen options can work in a pinch.

Get Creative

Experiment with different flavor combinations to find juices you love. This makes healthy hydration a delightful experience

Hydration Heroes

Prioritize water-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, and celery for maximum hydration and a cooling effect

Tropical Escape

Blend in some pineapple, mango, or papaya for a taste of the tropics and a boost of Vitamin C.

Mint Mania

Add a sprig of fresh mint for a refreshing kick and a touch of digestive aid.

Herbal Infusion

Consider cucumber-mint or watermelon-basil combinations for a unique and cooling flavor profile