Quick and Easy Apple Pie Recipes for Picnics

Simple Ingredients

Utilize basic ingredients like fresh apples, sugar, and ready-made pie crusts for a fuss-free preparation.

Mini Apple Hand Pies

Create portable mini apple hand pies that are easy to make and ideal for sharing at picnics.

Apple and Berry Fusion

Combine apples with summer berries like blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries for a colorful and tangy pie filling.

Apple Pie Bars

Bake apple pie bars with a crumbly topping, perfect for slicing and serving without the need for plates.

Store-Bought Shortcuts

Use store-bought pie crusts and fillings to save time while still delivering a delicious homemade taste.

Apple Pie Puff Pastry

Make apple pie with puff pastry for a light and flaky alternative that’s quick to bake and easy to transport.

Quick Baking Tips

Learn tips for fast baking, like using thinner apple slices for quicker cooking and opting for a lattice crust for faster baking.


These quick and easy apple pie recipes ensure you can enjoy a classic dessert with minimal effort, making your picnic preparations a breeze.

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