Pistachio Pound Cake: 6 Weight Loss Recipes

Pistachio Flour

Substitute traditional flour with pistachio flour for a gluten-free option rich in protein and healthy fats, promoting satiety.

Greek Yogurt

Incorporate Greek yogurt into the batter for added protein and moisture, making the cake filling without excess calories.

 Monk Fruit Sweetener

Use stevia or monk fruit sweetener instead of sugar to reduce calories while maintaining sweetness.

Almond Milk

Replace regular milk with unsweetened almond milk to lower calories and create a lighter texture.

Lemon Zest

Add lemon zest for a burst of flavor without extra calories, enhancing the taste of the pistachio cake.

Fresh Berries

Serve slices with fresh berries like raspberries or strawberries for added fiber and antioxidants, perfect for a guilt-free dessert.

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