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Fitness Food: Low-Cal Mashed Potatoes Tips

Opt for starchy potatoes like Russets or Yukon Golds. They have a fluffy texture when mashed, requiring less butter and cream for a creamy consistency.

Right Potatoes

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Instead of whole milk or cream, use low-fat milk or Greek yogurt. They add creaminess without the extra calories and fat.

Low-Fat Dairy

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Enhance the taste of your mashed potatoes with garlic, chives, parsley, or thyme. These flavorful additions reduce the need for excessive butter or salt.

Add Flavor

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Steaming potatoes retains more nutrients than boiling. Plus, steamed potatoes require less butter and cream to achieve a creamy texture.

Instead of Boil

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Instead of butter, add a splash of low-sodium chicken broth to moisten the potatoes. It adds flavor without the calories.

Chicken Broth

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Use salt, pepper, and other seasonings to enhance the taste. Proper seasoning can make a big difference in flavor, reducing the need for added fats.

Season Well

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Be mindful of portion sizes. Use measuring cups to portion out the ingredients, so you don't accidentally add too much butter or milk.


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