5 Weight Loss Tips with Steak & Potato

Choose Lean Cuts of Steak

Opt for lean cuts such as sirloin or flank steak, which are lower in saturated fats. Trim visible fat before cooking to reduce calorie intake.

Control Portion Sizes

Stick to recommended portion sizes for both steak and potato. A serving of steak is typically around 3-4 ounces, and for potatoes, aim for one medium-sized potato per person.

Bake Instead of Fry

Bake potatoes instead of frying them to reduce added fats. This method retains nutrients and cuts down on calories compared to frying.

Use Healthy Cooking Methods

Grill or broil steak instead of frying or pan-searing with excessive oil. These methods allow excess fats to drip away, reducing overall calorie content.

Incorporate Vegetables

Pair your steak and potato with a generous serving of vegetables, such as a side salad or grilled veggies. This adds fiber and nutrients while helping you feel full on fewer.

Summer Fitness: Grilled Steak & Baked Potato